Field Stone Grill

Millennium Restaurant Group Testimonial

Millenium Restuarant Group (Millenium) knows that running a successful business takes dedication. With 11 dining establishments in the organization, Millenium’s principal owner and CEO Ken Miller strives to partner with like-minded organizations to house his restaurants. That’s why Millenium’s Fieldstone Grill has called Woodbridge Village home since 2000. The relationship is built on professionalism, accountability, and partnership, Miller said. 

The Foundation

The relationship is built on professionalism, accountability, and partnership. The sort of partnership that reflects well on the restaurant itself and all Millenium establishments as well as the parent company, Miller said.

Working with the 633 Group team has brought significant value to Millenium over the years so much so that Miller considers the 633 Group part of his “go-to crew.” 

“Thanks to the quality of the facilities that we are in, we don’t have a lot of problems,” he said, “but when we do, the 633 team has been extremely responsive and extremely professional.”

The Amenities

Speaking of facilities, Miller praised Fieldstone Grill’s setting and aesthetics.

“Our location adjoins The Moors development and golf course. The aesthetics of the design are great,” he said. “The setting of Fieldstone Grill on the marsh is a bonus.” 

Located at 3970 W. Centre Ave., Miller said Fieldstone Grill receives many referral clients from 633 Group’s other clients and residents.

“We get a lot of traffic from The Moors Golf Club even though they have a great facility there as well,” Miller said.

The Relationship

Similarities between Millenium and 633 Group on organizational levels make the partnership smooth and enjoyable.

“Our cultures align very closely,” he said.