Big Apple Bagel Clients

Big Apple Bagels Testimonial

Jason and Rachel Boussom selected Woodbridge Village for the location of their second Big Apple Bagels franchise in 2005. The relationship and business went so well that the couple added a SweetDuet franchise to their 3838 W. Centre Ave. location in 2015 as well.

The Foundation

Based on previous and existing franchise experience, the couple had firsthand knowledge of what worked and didn’t work when it came to property management and sought to work with 633 Group as a result. 

“633 Group is fair and honest,” Jason Boussom said. “You can really trust what they say. When they are going to do something they really follow through.”

The Amenities

“We really like our Woodbridge Shopping Village location,” Boussom said. “It has really good neighborhood appeal, there are lots of families in this area, we have great patio seating, and there is a lot of walking traffic.

“It really suits our needs well,” he said.

In addition to the location’s many benefits, 633 Group as an organization supports the couple’s business.

“They are always present in the good times and the bad,” he said. “Even when we’ve had some challenging situations as a client they’ve always been there, always present, always good to ask for great advice, and they’re always fair to negotiate with.”

The Relationship

633 Group’s values align with the Boussom’s day-to-day business management approaches.

“We make everything here from scratch. All of our cream cheese, muffins, and bagels are made fresh here every day. We don’t sacrifice quality at all; it’s really high on our list of priorities as well as a really strong dedication to customer service.

“Big Apple Bagels and 633 Group share the same dedication to customer service. That’s why I am really drawn to equal values and people I can really work with who have the same mindset,” Boussom said.